Quarantine Haikus

Quarantine Haikus

The Cat

Doug, the cat wants out
Yes I know he just came in
But now he wants out


Doug, you woke up late
I drank three cups of green tea
Let the cat out, thanks.


The meeting drags on
The cat howls by the door
Stop talking, everyone


Where is the remote?
Can’t you keep it in one place?
Look under the cat

We’ve Run Out of Toilet Paper

The roll is empty
How much do you people shit?
Replace it next time.


Delayed reaction
Cost your peoples’ live thousands
But you repeat it


Home of the disease
Land of the sick and dying
Small hands man will win

The Cat Part II

Charlotte sleeps in chair
Another borrowed day borrowed
I love you, don’t go


Ripping up my yard
Stop digging holes you fuckers
Prehistoric dicks


Big weary mother
Leads greedy fur balls to feed
I know that look well


Stripes around his eyes
Looks like eyeliner, we call
Him Ziggy Stardust

Blue Jays

Get out of my yard
Crackling and shitting in trees
Feathered gremlin dicks

Stereo System

I am sorry babe
I am such a selfish jerk
Keep your stereo


They sleep until noon
Wake up hungry for Starbucks
We have food at home

- EP, 8-9-2020
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