#BlackoutFriday is Jan 20.

Change your social media pictures to black.

Skip work if you can. If you have to go to work, wear black.

Drape a black sheet over your door.

Pretend you've disappeared like the HBO show, The Leftovers.


They feed off our outrage, our disdain. But what if we don't give in to their weapon of hate? How victorious would a conquering army be if there were no army to conquer?

Paul Ryan Is an Abortion of Mankind

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming with the change of the administration, Planned Parenthood threatening to be defunded. It has been a fear for decades but got real with this election. Defunding threatens the health and safety for millions of women and men.

What are we as Americans, as women, who want to keep these rights and have access to these services going to do about it? We, the people, the mothers, daughters, sons and fathers who use, need and want for others the affordable services Planned Parenthood provides, what action are we taking?

The Nasty Women Book Project was birthed by mother, author and all around superwoman, Erin Passons. The book project is dedicated to the voices of women, American history, filled with genuine stories, tales and experiences of pain, empowerment, solace and resistance. There are stories of discord, unity, division and bridges. A collection of powerful words and experiences from mothers, attorneys, professors, journalists, artists, grandmothers, students from all walks of life. Women of vast diversity with powerful voices and a cause. A project that won’t stop at one because they refuse to give up on or stop for Planned Parenthood.

When asked why she spearheaded this project, in Erin’s words “Because when Hillary Clinton was nominated as the Democratic candidate for the President of the United States women found their voices. When Trump won, there was fear. I didn’t want women to lose their voices again. Additionally, Planned Parenthood needs us, and we need them.”

ALL of the proceeds go to support the 270,000 pap tests and 360,000 breast exams performed by Planned Parenthood annually. The 4.2 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections including 650,000 HIV tests. The prevention of about 579,000 unwanted pregnancies per year. Nearly 2.5 million women, men and adolescents are served by Planned Parenthood in a single year in the United States with safe health care, services and education. Less than 3% of their services are safe termination of pregnancies. Planned Parenthood is way more than the haters want to shine the light upon.

Private people making private contributions in part supports these services. Since the election more than 200,000 donations have been made to Planned Parenthood with more than 50,000 of those donations being made in the name of VPE Pence. An excellent start but there is not a finish line on this one until we know that there will always be enough money to keep these health care clinics open and available to all who need them.

The Nasty Women Book Project is committed to being a powerful voice for women and a continuous support to Planned Parenthood. This is about the future and how we can change history by coming together collectively making a difference. As a nation soon to be led by a man who does nothing to instill security or reason in our minds we must mobilize and find solutions to overcome that which we fear. Whether it be fear of confines, loss of rights or pride as American citizens. We cannot sit back and allow the cards to fall where they may. Do not accept what is, if what is does not align with your values and the future you wish to see. We must stand up and be heard. We must support the causes that we care about. We must do something because we can’t do nothing!

Nasty Women Book Project is not a project to shed the limelight or give the glory to any one person. It is to chronicle and be a reminder of where we have been, where we will go, what we are capable of doing and what we will do, as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. As Michelle Obama said “When they go low, we go high”. Erin Passons and her posse of amazing women see no ceiling.

Having had the privilege to read some of the stories as well as be a contributor, moving is an understatement. You can read some of the powerful stories before the book is released this March 2017, here.

In the meantime you can make a direct donation to Planned Parenthood here; be sure to make it in the name of Mike Pence or Paul Ryan.

originally posted on Huffington Post Blog by Chris Kelly

Message to Book Contributors

Image result for editing

Normally, the editing process goes like this:

You submit your work to an editor. The editor reviews it, marks it for changes, then sends it back to you. You make the changes and submit it. Repeat. Repeat.

The editing process will be different for our book. To save time, the grammar gurus and I will make the edits as we go. We will only ask you to make revisions if you are missing major elements from your story.

If you prefer to make the corrections yourself, please let me know.

You will be able to see the final version of your story before we send it to press, and you will need to sign a release form, which lawyer boyfriend is currently writing up.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Find Pantsuit Nation Members on Twitter

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Send me a PM to be added to the PSN list.

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About the PSN Book

Let’s write a book together.

Let’s share with the world our experience of having lived through the atrocity that was the 2016 Election, and what we are doing to ensure Cheeto Stalin is a one-term President.


Why a book?

David France, a gay journalist who lived through the HIV crisis of the 1980s and 1990s, recently released his book on the topic, How to Survive a Plague.

A journalist asked him:

“Is passing on history, as in writing this book, an important part of knowing how to respond in crisis times like these?”

His reply:

“We have to create those stories and pass those stories along. What we're left with is a lot of the literature that was written in the middle of the plague, which is all wonderful and powerful, but it's literature about what the virus did to America, not what activism did to the virus. That's the story I wanted to tell—the story about how people responded and what they did and how doing what they did made a difference. How did they gain power? How did they infiltrate these hostile environments and hostile systems and turn them around? What did they leave behind? What legacy did they leave behind? That legacy is a blueprint for how to do it in the future. That's the story I wanted to tell.”


Okay, got it?

Do you want to participate? Here are some questions to think about:

What was your state of mind leading up to Nov. 8, 2016? Was this your first time voting Democrat, and if so, why now?

Describe your experience on Nov. 8, 2016, and the following days (ex. fallout with relatives).


What perspective have you gained? How has been your call to action?


Email your story to info@erinpassons.com. Also include your age, city/state, occupation.


More info:

*Are you an artist or a poet? I would love to include your work, too. Let’s talk.

* You will need to sign a release form if your story is picked.

*All proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

*Yes, I have the background to pull off this thing, and that’s all I can say without sounding self-promotional.

*No, I do not have a publisher on the hook, but that’s never been a problem for me before.

*You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to participate. Grammar Nazis have already volunteered their services for this project. You’re in good hands. (If you are also Grammar Nazi and would like to volunteer, let me know).

*We don’t have to print your real name, but I would like to print everyone’s real age, location, and occupation, as it provides readers some background on the narrator.



No BS. No playing around. This is happening.

So submit, submit, submit!

You might be thinking, “What are you going to be doing, Erin, while we’re spilling our souls out on paper?”

I’ll tell ya—I will be editing your work, and as editor, it is not my job to rewrite your story, nor would I want to. Your voice is unique and needs to be heard, which is why I kicked off this project. I encourage you to be creative, but in case you have never taken a creative writing course, here are a few basic guidelines:

Do not double space between sentences. Double-spacing is old school.

Choose a tense and stick with it.

“Show, don’t tell.” Google that phrase if you do not know what I mean.

Adverbs are not your friends. Use them sparingly.

Same goes with cuss words.

And italics.

Insert line-breaks between dialogue when you are moving between multiple speakers, and 85% of the time, attribute the dialogue.

Do not capitalize every letter in a word LIKE THIS. Do not bold words.

Oxford commas are always required.

Semi-hyphens are never required. There’s a hilarious Kurt Vonnegut quote about semicolons that I won’t post for fear of the PC Gestapo.

Try not to finish sentences with a preposition like I did in the eighth sentence of this post.

Finally, you are free to ignore all the shit I just listed bc no one should tell you how to write. Google Stephen King’s tips on writing and he will tell you the same thing.

People keep asking about deadlines—I would really like to have everything in before Christmas so I can spend my break fawning over your amazing, kick ass stories.

And again, thank you all for agreeing to contribute. This will be something we can pass down from generation to generation of nasty women. I am incredibly excited, and I hope you are too.

Finally, we still need some more Grammar Not-a-Nazis. PM me if you would like to volunteer.


And overnight, my spreadsheet went blue. Thanks to everyone who volunteered. We already have interest from a publisher, and the Polished Opal, a professional editing agency, has agreed to donate their services.

See what we can do when we direct our energy into positivity and light? This moment is historical. A nation of women’s voices is coming together in one amazing, honest piece of literature, and you have no one to thank but yourselves.

I have attached the link to the spreadsheet of names/states and given anyone with this link rights to comment. If I have misspelled your name, put you in the wrong state, forgotten you altogether, please comment in the doc and I will see the mistake is corrected. (So many of you volunteered in different comments/posts, it was hard to keep up!)

A couple of things:

…Get your story to me by Jan 3. Email it to me at info@erinpassons.com.

…There is not word count bc I want you feel free to speak your truth. However, I have a red pen and I am not afraid to use it.

…For you super organized types, I would also like to include a list of resources in the back of the book, divided by state. Resources would include organizations, numbers, political reps – any material that might be useful to the reader to help them get involved. If you are interested in helping to compile these lists, let me know.

...Also, we need to create a website for the book. This website will include the book’s summary, links for purchasing it, excerpts, press schedule, etc. If web design is your thing, let me know.

Thank you again!

PS I still don’t have any factual proof that people live in Delaware.

No Surrender


You were grouped together in the beginning because you were both white and similarly aged.
But right away you recognized the blissful obliviousness in her laugh, the shell to hide the shell that hid the expectations of her requests.
After a week, you knew how she took her coffee.
After a year, she still had trouble recalling the name of your daughter.
In time, you move seats, closer to the tea-colored skin of men and women whose warm manners and fragrant lunches stirred in you an interest for the unfamiliar.


One day you wear your Hillary shirt to work.
She laughs. “I didn’t know you were one of them!”
She takes out her phone. More laughter. “For my husband, do you mind?”
You don’t. You even pose. I will be the one laughing soon, you think.
And why not? The stars seemed aligned. The familiar rhyme of HIStory was coming to an end.
Misogyny, goodbye.


Morning after the first debate she calls you to her cubicle.
“She wiped the floor with him,” she says, her hands making a sweeping motion across her chest.
Your posture relaxes. Office walls cave in.
“I can’t vote for Trump,” she adds voluntarily. “I have a daughter.”
Then she offers all the reasons she’s voted red in the past:
Abortions, the economy, crime.
“White men get shot by cops too,” she argues.
You nod back a rebuke. She has switched sides. That is enough for now.


Election day you wear your shirt again. You write on your knuckles, in fat black letters, “NASTY.”
When you leave work for the polls, your co-worker who can’t vote yells after you,
“Congratulations, America!”


Two days after the election you peel yourself from the couch and wipe off the spidery webs of shock and shame you feel for your nation long enough to shower for the first time in days.
The “N” has faded from your knuckle, but the other letters have remained. You think, “ASTY” could be anything. It might as well be “TASTY”—and you think, how appropriate.
(Because that’s how you feel. Consigned to nothing but the pretty tasty flesh you had hoped the election would free you from forever.)
In the meeting that morning, your fellow whitey won’t look at you, and you understand with a cold, sick certainty why.


The silent white voter. When the media talked about them, her face had filled your thoughts. She was one of them, you were certain. On election day she had said goodbye to everyone but you. She hadn’t talked about her change of heart in over a week. You had felt her slipping away from you, back into the velvety walls of white privilege, back to the late night Fox news marathons snuggled next to her husband and his thinly veiled red-blooded American male insecurity.
You had a hunch, but now you knew.
And you also knew this:
Whatever he did, it wasn’t enough. Misogyny, chauvinism, racism. It didn’t matter. In the end, the horror of his character could not outrace the momentum of her prejudice.


That morning two days after the election, she will not look at you and you think, good, she has some shame.
When the time comes to report your status, you say, “In Progress.”
Undeterred. Defiant.
No surrender.

Here's to You, Mrs. Brady (Feminists Love You More Than You Will Know)

Ms. Henderson,

When I was a kid, I wanted you to be my mother. My mother was never home. But you were. As Carol Brady, you were always in the next room, a smile on your face, a piece of advice to offer, fulfilling your role as part saint, part slave, answering to your children's every whim.

When I grew up, I developed perception and saw my mother for who she truly was - a rock star. She was a single mother who worked two jobs to put food on the table for my two siblings and me. Of course she was never home! But here's the thing: she was always there when I needed her. (And weren't you also a rock star mom in real life? Didn't you also have an acting career while raising your four children?)

In any case, I no longer perceived Carol Brady as the ideal mother.

Then I had my daughter and quit my job to stay with home with her. It was the loneliest time of my life, and the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. Slowly it hit me that Carol Brady was a rock star mom too-just in a different way.

From one rock star mom to another, I'd like to thank you for being an example for the rest of us. Rest In Peace, sweet lady.

P.S. Please tell Mr. Brady he's welcome back. Despite current events, kindness is winning.
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