Population Control

To do my part to help control the population, I recorded London and Kaya as we waited in a (healthy!) fast food drive-thru. They did not know I was recording. We start off with London reciting her Christmas list....
Click here if you'd like to experience audio birth control. 

My Blanket Gets More Action Than I Do

It's not Saturday morning unless Sketch is sodomizing his blanket.

Teaching My Daughter About Communism

London has a new iPhone. We had a sweet little mother/daughter conversation on Saturday.

Dairy Queen Sad-Sackers

Seriously, isn't it bad enough these people have to eat at Dairy Queen? Do you really have to hack their account and take the rest of their paycheck? They've worked hard at Wal-Mart all week. Give them a fucking break.

Beetlejuice vs The President

My favorite Beetlejuice appearance of all time. Fast forward to 3:40 to hear the President (aka Sal) calling in to question Beetlejuice about his racism against black people...despite Beetlejuice himself being black ....despite the President himself using the "n word"..."He don't like me cause he'll know I'll knock him the f*** out"...oh, Christ, just watch the video.

Erin at 20x2 10-7-2014

The good folks at 20x2 will have some official video coming soon, but in the meantime, this is what an iPhone 5 can do...

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