See Erin Live at "20x2" October 7th

I'm pleased to announce I've been roped in to performing at this year's "20x2" show, which officiates the beginning of Startup Week here in A-Town.

Now, everyone knows I'm not a fan of startups - or at least how they conduct interviews - but this show should be good, and not only because I'm in it. Local comedians like Bob Something-Arabic-Sounding-Last-Name and Kerri Lendo will be there too. Oh - and Shane Bartell will be making an appearance, which is sort of serendipitous. He was the first Austin musician I embraced. I have a great story about the time he came to my hometown and fucked my fat friend who everyone assumed was a lesbian until that night. But I will save it for another time. In the interim, I'm posting a song of his I like a lot.

Details on the "20x2" show:

October 7, 7-10pm
@ the Elysium
705 Red River, Austin TX

Get more details here.

Rick Perry Gets Fingered

I Must Pin More Stuff Soon

London douching it up for the camera.
...for no other reason than to appease my Pinterest widget to the right of the screen, where it shows an alarming amount of horrifically executed "nail art."

Conor Oberst sings "This Is the First Day of My Life" at Stubs 9-20-14

My (second) boyfriend Conor Oberst played at Stubbs Saturday night. I didn't come close enough to him to falsify a rape report, but we did end up in VIP.
I wanna add - this is the fifth time I've seen this man, the third time at Stubb's actually, and he brings a different mood each time he plays. It's rare for artists like him to play their hits, but Oberst indulged us with a heart-weepy version of "This Is the First of the Day," which I would have recorded in its entirety had my (other) boyfriend not bombarded me with "don't you get too drunk and fuck someone else" texts, making me press the record button a little late. Hence, it starts midway through the first line. And no, I can't hold a camera for shit. Beggars can't be choosers!
I sang this song to my son when he was a baby. It meant the world to me to hear it live.I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Oh, added bonus: Keanu Reeves was hanging around, fully bearded.

Why "Labyrinth" Is Secretly About Masturbation

6 Real Islands Way More Terrifying Than the One on Lost

I reread this article all the time not just because the content is interesting, but the writer is hilarious. "The year is 1945. World War II is all up in your shit."..I mean, how can you not a love an article that starts off like that? 

You'll Never Interview In This Town Again: New Release Date Nov.3!

First of all, thank you so much, fellow Austinites, who have contributed their valued time and efforts in the expansion of this book. Your input has been gold. I finally have a definitive release date- Nov. 3rd. I hope you enjoy it as much as I and others have suffered in the experiences it took to write it! If you haven't already, please read a sneak preview here

Mary Karr's Poem About Depression

Mary Karr in all her literary awesomeness has written a poem about depression in honor of a friend who recently committed suicide. If you're feeling too happy and light-headed today, I highly recommend you read it. 

Face Down

What are you doing on this side of the dark?
You chose that side, and those you left
feel your image across their sleeping lids
as a blinding atomic blast.
Last we knew,you were suspended midair
like an angel for a pageant off the room
where your wife slept. She had
to cut you down who’d been (I heard)
so long holding you up. 
We all tried to,faced with your need, which we somehow
understood and felt for and took
into our veins like smack. And you
must be lured by that old pain smoldering
like woodsmoke across the death boundary.
Prowl here, I guess, if you have to bother somebody.
Or, better yet, go bother God, who shaped
that form you despised from common clay.
That light you swam so hard away from
still burns, like a star over a desert or atop
a tree in a living room where a son’s photos
have been laid face down for the holiday.
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