battle hymn 2019

battle hymn 2019

Woman Looking at Sunset

girls bring your daughters
round up your mothers
we have work to do
sweet home alabama,
where they rob you of your womb,
we’re crossing into you
from the Mississippi river
where my double-tongued cuz
plays the pipe for a cottonmouth crowd
wide-open white venom tongue singing
“God how da ya like us now?
Never been a man finer than our gov.
like our father who art in heaven,
willing to sacrifice his son.”

girls remember their names:
del, jabo, arthur, greg,
tiny men who eat from their mother’s cancer.
tighten a monkey claw around their hours
vote them out, vote us in.

girls grab your bags
they’re shooting witches at the fair
they’re drowning angels in the alley
they’re digging ditches for spinsters,
hipsters, and pantsuit well-wishers,
they’re parading in Union Squire
selling choir girl souvenirs
as the devil stands nearby,
reciting scripture.

girls get your rifles
bring your bulletproof bibles
no, I’m not advocating violence –
but Pulaski is a 3-hour drive
and if the stone men stop us
we gotta be ready for a fight

girls find your tribe
join your tribes
get your troops on the ground
find sunny in ohio
banging on the pulpit
“Black women can’t die fast enough!
They can’t die enough
They can’t die enough.
They can’t die fast enough for them.”
God save us from godly men.

we got Georgia on our minds and in our vagines—
be not proud, you malignant tumor.
sherman torched your dark heart
and left you for dead two centuries past,
but you never honored his wishes.
so typical, what a man starts,
a woman has to finish.

girls hitch your wagons
we’re taking the scenic route out
down through the Ocmulgee Mounds
when the dirt protrudes from the earth
like a woman’s desire –
our daughters half-asleep in the passenger seat
but lord, they’re listening
Sweet mercy is nobility’s true badge
but our girls, they prefer bone and wire
gems and gold are better used on blades
and revenge is best served with fire.

EP 5-15-19
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