The Complications of Standing While Drowning

The Complications of Standing While Drowning

Puerto Rico is without power, black on the map and water to their knees but you tweet about black men’s knees and how they kneel to oppose your regime. Unpatriotic you call it but let’s be honest – you can’t stand to see a black man bend unwhipped and unchained. 

And since you don’t like how black lives sound, how does a nuclear warhead taste? A twitch of the thumb is all it takes. The Rocket Man waits for your quick Twitter hand. One poorly formed verb and goodbye, yellow brick road. 

(Don’t look now, President Clown, but Puerto Rico is still in peril. Three million souls, sink or swim. It’s hard to stand for the national anthem with five feet of water above your head.) 

But since you prefer walls that divide instead of bridges, how do you like the new America? White Americans sit on the bench hand over privilege cheering “impeach” or “submit” (depending on their jersey color), while brown Americans drown and black Americans bleed and Americans with skin in between move to the tick tick tock of Mad Hatter Trump and his ticking time bomb naughty list. Why, just last night, you dropped the sickle and hammer, and eight countries disappeared from the immigration list. 

(Don’t look now, President Clown, but Puerto Rico can’t swim. Three million potential voters underwater. It’s hard to speak Russian when your lungs are starving for air.) 

But since you prefer to pledge allegiance to a flag of one color, heed this warning: the resistance is moving in, skin and skin, knees bent, palm to heart and fist to sky. You, your puppets, your bots, your Kremlin friends, your daughter and her husband and your third wife with the plagiarized grin, will watch your Emerald City fall as Oz crumbles from within—for the real man behind the curtain is Time, and he knows all your sins. 

So take a knee and dive in. 
Tick tock tick. 

- Erin Passons, 9-25-2017
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