We Haven't Spoken In Almost a Year

We Haven't Spoken In Almost a Year

In life —

There are people you have something in common with,
Because you work with them or your kids are the same age,
Or you live next door and can see into their living room blinds
When the sun rains down the right amount of shine.

There are people you’re sexually compatible with,
Because the kiss right after the sharp whiskey and before the hard wine
Tastes just right, because their chilled tongue touches your chilled tongue
And the table where you sit becomes soft like a mattress,
And the morning after doesn’t make you spit.

There are people you bond with because your childhoods were similar
Or you favorite the same White Stripes song, or your eyes meet at just
The right time when the country curves and there’s a bill in Congress and your
Thoughts echo the same protest signs.

Then there are people who set your world on fire,
Who you melt with — where your laughter every time after
Colors with their name, and joy and freedom and madness
And feeling are all one and the same.

They are the people you have to leave behind so you can live again,
Even if saying goodbye means saying hello to a life not worth living.

—Erin Passons, 8-2014
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