Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dear Dougie Wougie, Here Are a Hundred Reasons Why I Love You.....

(all poorly written and not edited in the slightest, mind you)

Here's we go...

1. Your crooked teeth.
2. Your sweet laughter
3. Your lopsided grin
4. Your loyalty
5. Your kindness
6. Your generosity
7. Your character
8. Your soft skin
9. Your gentle kisses
10. The Junk in your trunk
11. Your Back rubs
12. The Way You Treat my Kids
13. Your selflessness
14. That you're a human dictionary
15. That you're a human spellcheck
16. That you're a human thesaurus
17. That you're one hell of an editor
18. The way your butt looks in jeans
19. The way you (sometimes) watch murder porn with me
20. The way you feed and water my cats without me having to ask
21. That you always unload the dishwasher
22. Our inside jokes
23. The way you don’t kill my cats when they wake you up every morning
24. How you let Charlotte sleep on your chest
25. The way you check up on me during the work day
26. That you never make fun of me when I mispronounce something
27. That you never mention my scar
28. That you're okay with not having a dog
29. The way you take care of me when I'm sick
30. The way I feel when you speak to my parents
31. The way you encourage me but never let me get too full of myself
32. That you tell me how beautiful I am every day (even when I'm clearly not!)
33. The way you put me to bed every night
34. The way you'll get me chocolate late at night when I'm feeling fatty-pants
35. Your just-the-right touch of jealousy
36. The way you watch me walk from my car at night in case someone tries to mug me
37. That you never ask me to cook
38. The way you always ask me if I'm hungry
39. The way you play with Kaya
40. How good you are at everything! (although sometimes frustrating :) )
41. The authoritative way you order for me at restaurants
42. The way you give me plenty of "Erin" time
43. The intensity for which you love the people in your life (even if they don’t deserve it, me included)
44. The tingles I get when you say my name.
45. Your head rubs
46. Your scent (!!!!!!)
47. How often you tell me that you love me
48. How you always remember "no onions"
49. That you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in front of me
50. That you didn't laugh when I told you about how I cry when I hear that Lyle, Lyle Crocodile song
51. That you know my ugliest secrets but you still love me anyway
52. That you help the kids with their homework
53. That you're just as much of a homebody as I am
54. That you never criticize my spending habits
55. That you never make me feel small even when I probably deserve it
56. That you get along with my friends
57. That my friends and family love you almost as much as I do
58. Your patience when I'm rambling on about one of my "subjects" (ie WWII, serial killers, politics)
59. The way you blame your flatulence on my cat
60. Your simplistic dietary needs
61. Your attempts to lower your meat intake so we can kiss more
62. The way you pull my hair during "business time"
63. That you're as dirty in bed as I am :P
64. That you didn't yell at me that time I farted on your foot
65. The way we sleep together
66. How warm your body feels beside mine
67. The way you look in the color red
68. How I always feel safe around you
69. The way you always have my back
70. How intuitive you are
71. Your big, ginormous, insanely huge..heart ;P
72. The way you scorn the justifiably scornable
73. That you want the same things that I do
74. The way you moved back to America to be with me
75. The dignified way you carry your brilliance
76. Your humor
77. Your compassion
78. The way my head feels in the crook of your arm
79. The stories you tell me that you've never told anyone else
80. The way you greet me when I come home (like you haven't seen me in years)
81. That our childhoods share the same people and places
82. Your singing voice (esp. when you sang "Street Where You Live")
83. That I never feel ashamed to cry in front of you
84. That we share the same politics
85. That you think my white pasty skin is attractive
86. That you let me take over your Kindle Fire
87. The way you bury your face in my neck during…
88. That all I have to do is smell a whiff of you and my hormones (STILL!) go nuts.
89. That we share similar wounds
90. That you're the most amazing man I've ever met
91. That you took a chance
92. That you're the bestest best friend I've ever had
93. That you're the hottest moral compass in town
94. That you don't whistle annoyingly like my dad
95. That sometimes you let the other person win (even when it pains you to do so) because you know you have nothing to prove
96. The way you can turn anything into a song
97. The way you hold me when the monsters appear
98. That you never call me names like "bitch" (unless it's during "business time" :) which I like )
99. You make me feel worthy of being loved by someone as magical as you
100. You don’t complain about my crappy back rubs

I love you, boo! Happy Valentine's Day!
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